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The Bearable Lightness of Being
(Hong Kong,Smartgeometry 2014)


Cluster Champions:

Robert Vierlinger

Matthew Tam

Kristjan Nielsen

Klaas De Rycke



Eugene Cheah

Powell Draper

Theclalin Cheung

Julien Klisz

Yunbo Liu

Warith Zaki



The Bearable Lightness of Being takes its origin in the reflection upon several items; the context of Hong Kong’s urbanity and history, parametric design and open systems, flexible lightweight structures, and Chinese tradition. The goal of the cluster was to design and construct a hyper-flexible, super light-weight and multi-optimised pavilion, through the use of state-of-the-art planning tools as Karamba and Octopus.The idea of a floating design is based on the tradition of the lit up sky lanterns, an ancient Chinese tradition allegedly originated from Kongming, who is said to have used a message written on a sky lantern to summon help on an occasion when he was surrounded by enemy troops. This cluster is also sending a message; using the city as a platform of events and bringing people together, in a more poetic way countering the hyperindividual through the tactics of events. The modern urbanite is a space in- and e- vader. He does not work out top down solutions but works with and from within the system. The modern urbanite uses the event of being together.


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