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Rehal Screen

(2014 Featured Installation for Neue Artisans 3.0)



Qaisy Jaslenda

Azlan Kasroh

Nasreen Zaky

Tun Anuar Asikin Atan

Natasya Ramleh

Akid Mukhtar



DK Composites Sdn Bhd


Entitled 'Rehal', this parametric screen installation has been commissioned to a local design duo Warith&Abby(\(\(\(\(W/A) by Neue Artisans in Kuala Lumpur. Neue Artisans is an annual event with the intent of introducing young and cutting-edge designers in Malaysia. Rehal is the Malay term for a traditional instrument used to place the Quran for a raised reading posture. W/A's design intention for the installation was to reconfigure the components of the Rehal's 'tanggam'(a Malay term for a traditional jointing method of tongue and grove) detail to create a unique no-hassle interlocking structure that not only filters the light into the gallery but creates a backdrop to the event's marketplace. There were roughly 600 CNC-milled interlocking pieces consisting of several modular components made of MDF, the room-width long structure was assembled without any need of tools nor adhesives therefore resulting it to be completely flexible for re-configurations by assembling the pieces to any pattern generated by computational algorithm. The algortihmic software was placed adjacent to the installation for the visitors to meddle around in order for them to create their own configurations of the algorithmically derived screen after which they can proceed to disassemble the structure and rebuilding it according to their design.

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