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Palm Island Villa

Dubai, UAE



In collaboration with Al Maha Architects, commissioned to carry out architectural design works for a luxury residential villa to be constructed on the Palm Jumeirah Island. Designing the Villa was an ambitious task where the design team have endeavored to come up with an avant-garde concept that challenges the conventional forms of residential structures found in the region. The Concept Design presented also attempts to reflect the spirit of innovation and creation that is witnessed in Dubai and evident by the location of the villa itself, The Palm Jumeirah Island.

Interior spaces were juxtaposed in a manner reflecting the design language of the villa’s exterior and taking into consideration the client’s preferences regarding scale of spaces, entry sequence and level of privacy. The staircase is the center piece of the interior space where it sits in a double height volume and serves as a conduit for experiencing the villa starting from the entrance all the way to the Majlis at the second floor. 

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