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Canvey Island,UK

Canvey Island has been under sea level rise threat since its first establishment in the Roman period.Its struggle led to series of land reclamations and the construction of preventive sea-walls to keep the sea from encroaching in.The project took a stance at speculating an inevitable catastrophe that saw the entire island being succumbed by the sea.Although small in scale,the lost island has had a long history in trading,material processing,wildlife preservation and a popular holiday destination,thus a new city spawned above the water with all the traditional attributes.The city is rebuilt to take the form of a Noah’s Ark for the Canvey people,a self-sustaintable bio-diversed city that focuses on farming and industrial activities at daylight and an entertainment hub for the people from the mainland at night.Ultimately,the hub acts as a symbol of tragedy to what nature has become due to environmental negligence.

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