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This project's focus was on parametric design for robotic metal forming process with an objective of fabricating a 1:1 facade. The team worked together in the design of curved folding surface geometries starting with paper and card, and transfered the designs into an in-house developed software for Rhino Grasshopper called King Kong to simulate folding and facilitate parametric facade design. Using the in-house CNC vinyl cutter and CNC router, various scale prototypes were folded by hand and by robot. The final 1:1 parametric facade was formed from aluminium sheets using 6-axis industrial robots and built onto the factory’s office wall. Each aluminium sheet was only bolted to the wall using six 60mm screws proving the ease of construction and lightweight property of the material.

parametric shade

(part of KingKong plugin for Grasshopper development)

Presented at Nexus:3,Bartlett School of Architecture,UCL,London

RoboFold, London


Gregory Epps

Florent Michel

Abdul Warith Zaki

Philip Philippidos

Vaia Gkerlitaou

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