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Jubilee Gardens,London

London has a reputation of a global financial capital.The government's proposal of the first Supercasino in the UK at Manchester City was believed to open up to a large amount of job opportunities and enhances tourism at this time of european economic crisis.However,the project was struck down due to political pressure.With the dying tradition of British Greyhound racing and a lack of an iconic Stock Exhcange building(ironically),this project aims to revive the Supercasino and erect a new ground for the London Stock Exchange,subsequently merging two socioeconomics together.A British greyhound racing track serves as a bridge between the commoner's supercasino and the elitist's stock exchange,giving a whole new definition of gambling hub.The exterior of the building is cladded with recycled material of abandoned cruise and cargo ships,divided into two conditions;an elegant shiny surface for the commoner casino and a seasoned surface for the elitist stock exchange,an idea adapted from a poker playing technique called ‘bluffing’!

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